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SHIPP LAW TESTIMONIALS, Below you will find Shipp Law testimonial letters. Dan Shipp and Clay Shipp are are a strong team of DUI trial attorneys. We have included a sampling of testimonial letters from DUI clients, Personal Injury cases, attorney recommendations and a letter from a juror sitting on a DUI case defended by Dan Shipp. Each has a different perspective regarding their case represented by Dan Shipp or their professional relationship with Dan Shipp.

  • Thank you so much, Clay!
    Thank you so much, Clay! All my best to you and your office. What a great bunch of folks and I couldn’t be more thankful for you all. Desiré
  • Expert Attorney Referral
    DANIEL F. BROOKMAN ATTORNEY AT LAW 2665 MAIN STREET • SUITE 6 • SANTA MONICA, CA 90405TELEPHONE (310) 396-5900 • FACSIMILE (310) 396-5911 In the course of my 50+ year career of practicing criminal law, I have been called uponto represent clients in jurisdictions other than my home state of California. Although thelocal rules vary from state to state allowing other lawyers in State Courts, it is the usualsituation where I have had to bring another attorney into the case. The task ofassociating with a … Read more
  • This was something I would think to be impossible and you made it possible
    Dear Clay,  I just got home from Robert’s house and just want to sit down and send you a thank you for all you have done and what you just did for my son.. I just can’t believe what you did for him. It is just incredible what you were able to do.. you have know idea what this means for him and us.. He is so relieved and now he will get the help he so desperately needs to get his life back on … Read more
  • When faced with a difficult situation it’s best to evaluate your options with clear and hard eyes.
    When faced with a difficult situation it’s best to evaluate your options with clear and hard eyes. I needed the best representation possible, irregardless of money. By focusing on experience and a proven track record of success, I found Dan Shipp. After briefly speaking with Mr. Shipp, a gregarious and quick-witted Texas gentleman, he offered immediate advice in the moment and in the long run, he offered his services. His message was candid: find the best lawyer you can afford. If that’s me, I’ll represent … Read more
  • Hi guys great work and thank you so much!

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Dan Shipp has 30 plus years of experience representing clients in criminal and DUI cases. He has developed extensive knowledge in his field and relationships with the courts, the judges, the DA s, the court clerks which increases his success in each case. He has won many personal injury cases and established a strong reputation in this field. Dan Shipp has become one of the leading attorneys handling DUI case involving the new Marijuana Laws. These laws are evolving as they are debated and developed to represent each facet of legalized marijuana. Please contact us and let Dan look at your case and discuss its details with you. Contact us for a free consultation.

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