This was something I would think to be impossible and you made it possible

Dear Clay, 

I just got home from Robert’s house and just want to sit down and send you a thank you for all you have done and what you just did for my son..

I just can’t believe what you did for him. It is just incredible what you were able to do.. you have know idea what this means for him and us.. He is so relieved and now he will get the help he so desperately needs to get his life back on track ..and all because of you. 

This was something I would think to be impossible and you made it possible..You were so helpful through a very stressful time.. You not only are an excellent lawyer but you show complete compassion for the situation and you seem to become like a friend not just legal representation..I just am so impressed and appreciative.. You are truly committed and I don’t know how to thank you.. 

I want you to know that as stressful as this whole thing has been, having someone like you having his back has been so comforting.. 

Thank you ..thank you..again and again..everyone I know is going to know how wonderful you are.. 

I just will always highly recommend Clay Shipp and Dan Shipp to anyone finding themselves in need of legal representation… You will find that you not only will have a devoted lawyer on your side .. But someone who genuinely cares about you personally and what you are going through and will go above and beyond to look out for your best interest and bring you the best possible outcome. .definitely was blessed to have had you on our side.. 

have a wonderful evening.. 

Take Care…

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