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Shipp Law Media includes Interviews, articles and press releases. Dan Shipp and Clay Shipp of Shipp Law specialize in DUI defense cases. Call for a free consultation 970-927-2255.

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As protests against racial police violence have spread across the US, we’ve seen how video captured on mobile devices can help identify misconduct by law enforcement. But such evidence isn’t just useful at a protest, but during all sorts of routine interactions with the police, including traffic stops. That’s why the Siri shortcut “I’m getting pulled over” exists!
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Shipp Law has given interviews, written articles and given press releases regarding trial results, DUI conditions in the area and legislation changes.  Dan Shipp and Clay Shipp have been practicing criminal defense law with a specialty in DUI defense and personal injury law for 30 plus years. He has the new laws for DUI involving Marijuana.

Aspen-Times DUI Article Jan 28, 2010

Dan Shipp represented the victims of the propane explosion in the bank in Crested Butte.

Denver Post Crested Butte Bank Explosion Trial

Dan will be posting new information on his Facebook regarding marijuana laws and will be discussing the consequences and penalties for driving and using marijuana. The laws are new and are evolving all the time.

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His DUI awareness float in the 4th of July parade received a Most Humorous Award. The float carries costumed skits with lots of action, fun and humor. Dan Shipp with some of his office staff and several friends ride colorfully decorated horses following the float, adding characters to the skit. The float themes are designed to draw attention to ” do not drink and drive ”

July 4th 2009 Lisa pics 013

‘Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over’ shortcut makes it easy to record police

Aspen Daily News Parade Article

Dan Shipp was interviewed by the Aspen Times  and this article discusses DUI ‘s in the Roaring Fork Valley.