Hire A Colorado DUI Attorney

Hire A Colorado DUI Attorney

You have just been arrested for DUI or a related driving violation in Colorado. You should hire a qualified Colorado DUI Attorney to represent you. When you need legal services, most often it starts with a telephone call. The attorney will most likely want to meet you in person. However, should you wish to hire a lawyer over the telephone, these are the questions that should be asked:

10 Tips To Hire A DUI Attorney

Ask these questions when you have your first phone call or consultation with an attorney. These questions will help you to determine whether that attorney has the knowledge and experience to give you a powerful defense.

  1. How long have you been in practice?
  2. What part of your practice is devoted to the defense of DUI CASES?
  3. In what part of the state of Colorado do you usually practice?
  4. Have you tried DUI cases in the Appellate Courts to define or promote DUI defense?
  5. How many DUI cases have you handled?
  6. How many DUI jury trials have you tried?
  7. Have you presented seminars on DUI defense to other attorneys or taught attorneys how to defend DUIs?
  8. Are you trained/certified in the use of the Intoxilyzer 5000 as well as the Intoxilyzer 9000, the breath test machine which is now being used in DUI cases in Colorado?
  9. Are you trained/certified in the use of field sobriety tests such as The-Walk-and-Turn, the One-Legged Stand, or the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmas Test (eye test)?
  10. Do you have sufficient staff and experts to investigate AND pursue my case in ALL courts?

In addition, check the lawyer out in the community because the lawyer’s reputation will speak louder than anything else. Therefore, always ask the lawyer for background information and this should be freely given. Initial consultations should be without charge; however, good DUI attorneys and lawyers are generally expensive in defending criminal matters. The lawyer should also handle your case personally and many times with a team associate attorney.

Colorado DUI Attorneys

Shipp Law is a powerful father/son team who are Colorado DUI Attorneys with 35+ years of extensive experience in DUI Law. Dan Shipp and Clay Shipp of Shipp Law represent clients in all Colorado County and District Courts. We represent clients in person in court hearings and in addition by WebEx therefore, distance is not a factor.

Review our profile pages and watch our media videos and interviews to learn about our team. Read through the information in the More Info drop down button above and therefore gain more knowledge about your DUI arrest and the court system. Locate the county where you received your DUI to get important information regarding the Department Of Motor Vehicles hearing and your County county court appearances. Fill out the questionnaire found in the DUI Forms button above. Answer all questions as fully as possible. Consequently, our team will gain extensive knowledge regarding your case.

We are available by phone or by an office appointment for a consultation. Call Shipp Law 970-927-2255 to schedule your free appointment today.

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