Clay Shipp DUI Attorney

Clay Shipp DUI Attorney

Clay Shipp DUI Attorney Biography

My name is Clay Shipp, and I am a DUI Attorney practicing in the western slope of Colorado. I grew up in the mountains; I attended Aspen Elementary, Middle, and High School. I received my undergraduate from the University of Colorado and my Juris Doctorate from Roger Williams in New England. I returned to the valley not only to raise my family in this beautiful part of the world, but to work with my father and develop our relationship on a professional level.

Growing up with a lawyer father, from an early age I was used as a springboard for testing creative ideas and analyzing theories for challenging cases. This developed my passion for the interpretation of the law and inadvertently conditioned me to be an attorney. I have been an advocate in family courts, a prosecutor, and now with my broadened perspective of the fluidity of the law, I have earned great achievements defending criminal cases.

I tackle cases with the same work ethic and endurance that I developed as a decathlete running track and field. I flourish in a competitive environment and welcome the challenges of trial as a test of merit and hard work. I sharpen my skills once a year at cutting-edge workshops at Harvard University Law School with some of the brightest and most aggressive DUI defense attorneys in the nation. I am a member of the Colorado Bar Association, National College for DUI Defense, Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, CALI Award winner in Law and Economics, and more. All we do at the Shipp Law is DUI defense and similarly related charges. If you have been pulled over and charged with a DUI, you need to call the Shipp Law immediately. You want an attorney that lives and breathes DUIs. 


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American Bar Association

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National College For DUI Defense

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