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In the course of my 50+ year career of practicing criminal law, I have been called upon
to represent clients in jurisdictions other than my home state of California. Although the
local rules vary from state to state allowing other lawyers in State Courts, it is the usual
situation where I have had to bring another attorney into the case. The task of
associating with a local attorney can be difficult and present unique challenges.
Besides local knowledge, it is helpful to choose a practitioner who is familiar with the
field of law that is presented.

Recently, I was given the task of representing an individual who had been arrested and
jailed on suspicion of vehicular homicide. This was in a remote part of the State of
Colorado near Steamboat Springs. Although I had handled a few cases in Colorado
over the years, I needed to find a lawyer that was familiar with not only the laws of the
state, but also had expertise in the issues that were particular to this case. I pursued
numerous recommendations and located the Law Offices of Dan Shipp. After speaking
with Dan at length, I quickly realized that this was a truly unique lawyer and individual.
Not only was he an expert in this particular field of law, but after conversing with him, I
found him to be of a similar mentality and devotion to his craft. He understood the
nuances of dealing with the defendant and his family, but also with the “extra judicial”
aspects relating to consideration of the victims, their families, witnesses and the
intricacies of the scientific evidence present in this case. After careful consideration, I
asked Dan to be part of the defense team.

Associating in another lawyer can be problematic as often the client’s satisfaction is tied,
not only to the original lawyer (myself), but also to the performance of the new lawyer in
the case. Simply stated, my success rides on the choice of the new lawyer. I could not
have done better in my choice of the offices of Dan Shipp. He thoroughly immersed
himself in the case, interviewed lay as well as expert witnesses. Together, we
presented a very effective strategy and defense. Dan was always available to me for
discussion and worked extremely well with the client and his family. After almost a year
of litigation, we were able to affect an excellent resolution of the case. Truth be told, he
became the main lawyer on the case and did an excellent job.

If I ever get a case again in the wilds of Colorado, I would refer them directly to Dan
Shipp and would heartily recommend him to any other counsel that desired a first-rate
legal mind and excellent demeanor.

Attorney Daniel F. Brookman

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