Underage DUI

In Colorado, Underage DUI’s are very serious and when you first get the ability to drive legally on the road as a teen, the wrong crowd can bring the wrong temptations on the road. The BAC(Blood Alcohol Content) threshold for drivers under 21 is 0.02%. It is also illegal for anyone under 21 to purchase or consume alcohol in this state.

So many teens die yearly due to alcohol-related crashes, so the laws are strict and carry heavy penalties. When an individual under 21 has a BAC exceeding 0.02% but not exceeding 0.05%, it can lead to a class A traffic infraction for a first offense. If you receive a second conviction it becomes a class 2 traffic misdemeanor and/or worse depending on the severity of your conviction. 

As if the consequences couldn’t be more severe there are additional penalties aside from the penalties typically associated with the infraction ranging from 24 hours of community service to real jail time.  Additionally, drivers under the age of 21 may face classic DUI or DWAI charges if their BAC hits 0.05%. These can include a one-year license revocation for first-timers and other additional criminal consequences.

These legal proceedings and what they can bring to your life can be life-changing. It can affect driving privileges, your record, insurance rates, and even your liberty if it gets that serious. If someone underage is faced with these charges, they or their legal guardian should quickly find an experienced attorney to help.

If you are seeking legal help, contact us at the office of Shipp-Law. With our experience, you can feel calmer and be led through a smoother process, without being afraid of any false information. Do not hesitate to call and help yourself in time of need.