Best Ways to Defend DUI 

The best ways to defend DUI cases are usually elusive and hard to find on your own. The defense often focuses on investigating the officer’s process, seeing if the Breathalyzer is inaccurate, if the evidence used against you is correct, or if physical features like slurred speech or the odor of Alcohol are present. Each part of the country has different laws for different cases, so contacting a local DUI attorney is highly advisable. Shipp-Law has a long history of defending its clients diligently. We do more than 100 cases a year.

DUI Defenses Often Used.

There are different types of defenses commonly used. One of them being Affirmative Defenses. These DUI charges include necessity (driving to prevent a greater problem), Durres (driving to avoid harm), entrapment (Law enforcement influenced), mistake of fact (genuine belief in sobriety), and involuntary intoxication (not knowing you consumed alcohol). 

More Common Defenses

Affirmative Defenses aren’t the only way to defend your DUI case. Several common defenses used to combat the charges being dropped on you include arguing an improper stop, questioning the blood test chain of custody, and arguing about rising blood alcohol concentration. You can also include whether or not the accused was the driver. 

How to Make Your Case Easier

An experienced DUI attorney will make your case much easier with the help of navigating you through the court system, challenging license suspension, preparing you for court, and providing you guidance on plea deals. The experienced attorneys of Shipp-Law are trained to make your experience successful and help you minimize consequences. Visit our Website or call us at (970)-927-2255 to talk to us personally, there is no initial charge.  Have all your police paperwork available and the ability to take notes.